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Reference: Collaborations page on Pierre's website


- Banjo Paris Session 1 1975 LP Cezame CEZ 1005 reissue of Pony P001 Musigrass
with Bill Keith, Jean-Marie Redon, Daniel Olivier, Jean-Yves Lozach, Gilbert Caranhac, Francois Vercambre, Jim Rooney, Bluegrass Long Distance, New Blue grass Connection, Bluegrass Passengers, Pierre Bensusan
c.f. track list (Bluegrass discography website): Pierre plays on A3, A4, A6, B4, B5, and B7
     Pictures @ (webshop site) here or here

- 4. FolkFestival auf der Lenzburg LP Claves 1975 (CLAVES DPf 700/2)
not referenced on Pierre's website
c.f. 1975b or Reinhard Zierke's website

- Cyril Lefebvre: Musique Française et Américaine de la même Epoque et d'il y a longtemps - 1976 LP Cezame CEZ 1023
Pierre plays on track B2 c.f. Discogs

- Marc Robine: Ruelles - Musiques pour Dulcimer - 1977 LP Cezame CEZ 1030
     Pictures @ (webshop site) here or here or here

- Banjo Paris Session 2 1977 LP Cezame CEZ 1041
with Bill Keith, Jim Rooney, Jean-Marie Redon, Christian Seguret, Jean-Marc Andres, Pierre Bensusan, Mike Lily, Wendy Miler, Jean-Claude Drouot
c.f. Bluegrass discography website
     Picture @ (webshop site) here

- Alain Giroux: Giroux's - 1977 LP Cezame CEZ 1032
     Picture @ (webshop site) here

- Gene Parsons : Melodies - 1979 LP Sierra Records SRS-8703
Pierre plays on track B4 c.f. Discogs

- Yan (Emeric) Vagh: 1985 - record not found

- Didier Malherbe, Nene Batterista, Remi Sarrazin, Mico Nissim : Recording for I.N.A. (France-1986) - not found

- Juan Jose Mosalini, Claude Garden: 1987 - record not found

- Didier Malherbe: Fetish 1989 CD Gimini/Mantra Com 6031CD
Pierre plays on the track: 3. Fetish [DM/P.Bensusan] (7:09) (also played in Live au New Morning)
Didier Malherbe (flutes/tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone/Yamaha WX7 sax-synthesizer/rap.)
with: Pierre Bensusan (guitar) - Emmanuel Binet (electric bass) - Néné (drums/percussions)
Recorded: Spring / Summer 1989 - Location: Studio de Chennevières (France)
Engineer: Gérard Lhomme with Jacques Dompierre - Produced by Didier Malherbe & Gérard Lhomme
c.f. Discogs

- Maya Hayashi: Maya - Midi (Japan) MIDI MDC8 1147 (1991)
c.f. a site in Japanese and in English

- Trio Ammour: Hommage & Passions : France-1992 - record not found

- Philippe Eidel: Les Agricoles - CD 1992 (?) Silex Y.225.018
c.f. Official site (with two extracts to hear)

- Gerard Delahaye 1973 - 1992 (1992) CD Pluriel PL9207CD
Pierre plays on the track: 17- Ballade de celui qui cherchait la Faridondaine 6:14
To hear an extract (plus lyrics): link on Gerard Delahaye's website

- Fabrice Caurier: Les Saisons du Silence - CD 1997
c.f. Official website

- Hugo Pamcos & Claudette Lagace: Nord-Sud - CD 1997
c.f. Official website

- Hommage à Marcel Dadi: Hommage - CD 1997
Pierre plays on CD2 - 13: Waltz for Paula - c.f. Official website

- Cowboy Bebop original soundtrack vol2 - CD 1998
Pierre plays on tack 12: Elm
c.f. to hear on YouTube and c.f also The JazzMessengers website