The Best Of Tannahill Weavers 1979-1989


LP Green Linnet 1989  (SIF 1100)


L?americana Green Linnet pubblica questa esaustiva raccolto del gruppo, illustrata da keit LoBue che si avvale dei disegni di Carla Frey.. 



1...The Geese in the Bog/The Jig of Slurs (2:52)

2...Auld Lang Syne (3:17)

3...Tranent Muir (2:35)

4...The Highland Laddie (4:43)

5...Lucy Cassidy/The Bletherskate/The Smith of Chilliechassie (3:27)

6...Farewell to Fiunary/Heather Island (6:35)

7...Roddie MacDonald's Favourite (2:45)

8...The Gypsy Laddie (2:36)

9...Jamie Raeburn's Farewell (4:41)

10...Johnnie Cope/The Atholl Highlanders (3:41)

11...I Once Loved a Lass (3:52)

12...Turf Lodge/The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome to the Shetland Isles/Lady Margaret Stewart/The Flaggon (6:31)


Tracks 1, 6 and 8 originally appeared on "The Tannahill Weavers" (HRCD103)
 with Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, Hudson Swan, Alan MacLeod and Mike Ward (1979).

Tracks 2, 10 and 11 originally appeared on "Tannahill Weavers IV" (HRCD104) 
with Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, Alan MacLeod, and Les Wilson (1981).

Tracks 4, 5 and 7 originally appeared on "Passage" (GLCD3031) 
with Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, Alan MacLeod and Bill Bourne (1984).

Track 5 originally appeared on "Land of Light" (GLCD1067) 
with Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, Iain MacInnes and Ross Kennedy (1986).

Tracks 3 and 12 originally appeared on "Dancing Feet" (GLCD1081) 
with Roy Gullane, Phil Smillie, Iain MacInnes, Ross Kennedy and Stuart Morison (1987).