Oyster Band, Alive and Acoustic


UK (CD) Running Man RMCD 2 (June 1998)


Ecco il gruppo in una versione acustica che non dispiace affatto: soprattutto classici quali "I Look For You", The Story" e "Molly Bond", risultano piacevolmente efficaci. La qualità della registrazione è buona. La confezione curata da Jali Roll Martian, che si avvale delle fotografie di Steve Tolkien, è divertente.



Sail On By (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 4'06" - Voices (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 4'41" - Be My Luck (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser) 2'53" - The Oxford Girl (Ian Telfer / John Jones) 4'21" - Native Son (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 4'30" - This Year, Next Year (Ian Telfer) 4'53" - Reels: McMahon's / The Sailor's Bonnet (Trad. Arr. Oysterband) 2'35" - I Look For You (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 4'22" - Blood-Red Roses (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser 4'08" - The Story (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser) 3'46" - Moving On (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 3'54" - Milford Haven (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 3'36" - Molly Bond (Trad. Arr. Oysterband) 4'45" - A Fire Is Burning (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser) 2'55" - Polkas: Scartaglen / Johnny Leary's / The Humours Of Ballydesmond (Trad. Arr. Oysterband) 2'47" - All That Way For This (Ian Telfer / Alan Prosser / John Jones) 3'53" - I Once Loved A Lass (Trad. Arr. Oysterband) 4'39" - The Old Triangle (Brendan Behan) 3'10"


John Jones, Vocals, Melodeon - Chopper, Cello, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals - Lee Partis, Drums, Percussion, Vocals - Alan Prosser, Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals - Ian Telfer, Fiddle, Concertina, Vocals


Recorded Live On Tour with Thanks to: Blackheath Concert Halls, Warwick Arts Centre, Huddersfield Town Hall, Stamford Arts Centre, Blackwood Miners' Institute, Cheltenham Town Hall, Brighton Pavilion Theatre, Wavendon Stables, Örnsköldsvik Musikhuset, Gärle Konserthus, Oberhausen Zentrum Altenberg - Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Lashed Together by: Alaric Neville - Mixed at: The Old Dairy Studios, York - Mastered at: Clipstore, Leeds - Package Designed by: Jali Roll Martian - Photographs by: Steve Tolkien