Jamie McMenemy, The Road to Kerrigouarch


LP 1981 Stoof - Munich Records Stoof MU7482


This album may be considered as the first Kornog’s album. Before the arrival of Jean Michel Veillon, the group tended to perform live as a trio composed of Jamie McMenemy, Christian Lemaitre and Soig Siberil. In this album, recorded between June 25th and July 5th, 1981 at Farmsound Studio of Heelsum in Holland, play also Isabelle McMenemy and Brian McNeill from Battlefield Band.


Questo album, di fatto, può essere considerato il primo album dei Kornog. Infatti il gruppo, prima dell'arrivo di Jean Michel Veillon, tendeva a esibirsi dal vivo in un trio formato da McMenemy, Soig Siberil e Christian Lemaitre.In questo primo vinile, registrato tra il 25 Giugno e il 5 Luglio del 1981 al Farmsound Studio di Heelsum in Holland, sono inoltre presenti Isabelle McMenemy Brian McNeill della Battlefield band.


Tracks Side A:
1. Wampy’s / The Broom Blooms Bonnie - 2. The Fisherman’s Wife - 3. Krivo Sadovsko Horo - 4. The Demon Lover - 5. Ladie’s Fingers Jig

Tracks Side B:
1. The Lochmaben Harper - with Frans Smulders hurdy gurdy - 2. Laridé / Reel - 3. Bonnie Jean Cameron - 4. The Forfar Sojer - 5. War Hent Kerrigouarch / Sheriffmuir



Jamie McMenemy:vocals, Sobell bouzouki and mandolin, Le Mercier cittern, Overton low whistle, guitar - Christian Lemaitre: fiddle, Sobell mandolin, guitar - Soig Siberil: guitar, Le Mercier cittern - Isabelle McMenemy bodhran, vocal - Brian McNeill: fiddle, concertina, casiostone, vocal