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Un altro disco straordinario, prodotto da Bill Leader e registrato ai Livingstone Studios. La copertina è una splendida grafica di William Watters. A collaborare agli arrangiamenti troviamo Dolly Collins e Dave Swarbrick.



Intro: Ductia,The Barley Straw (from Harry Cox of Norfolk), What if a Day (by Thomas Campion, arranged by Dolly Collins), The Loyal Lover + (from Lucy Broadwood's collection of West Country songs), Stones in my Passway (by Robert Johnson), Idumea + (by Charles Wesley and A. Davidson), The Husbandman & the Servingman (from the Cantwell Family of Oxfordshire), The Rolling of the Stones, The Bitter Withy + (learned from Audrey Coppard ), The Banks of the Nile + (a composite version), Wondrous Love + (by Rev. Robert Seagrave), Medieval Mystery Tour (in part by Bert Jansch and John Renbourn), Upon the Bough + (words APH, tune Heather), Ratcliff Highway + (a composite version), The Brisk Young Widow + (learned at school ), Pembroke Unique Ensemble: Soldiers Three + (played by Dave Swarbrick,with Sandy Denny on piano), John Barleycorn + (from the Cecil Sharp collection), The Agincourt Carol +.


+ Track released in the UK on Young Tradition, Demon Records TRANDEM 5, 1989.