The Young Tradition, So Cheerfully Round




Secondo album per il gruppo, registrato da Bill Leader ai noti Livingstone Studios. La grafica e la fotogtrafia di copertina è opera di Brian Shuel. Sul retro le composizioni sono presentate da Royston Wood. Un disco prezioso di ormai non facile reperibilità.



Daddy Fox # + , The Season Round (from the Copper Family), The Bold Dragoon, Watercress-O * (by Roger Watson, based on a memory from Roger's grandmother's childhood),The Old Miser * (learned by Peter from Harry Cox at the Windmill in Sutton, Norfolk), The Foxhunt * # (collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams from Mr. Stephen Pole of Norfolk),Knight William & the Shepherd's Daughter * (Child Ballad No 110 ), The Single Man's Warning * (collected by Cecil Sharp from Tom Sprachlan of Hambridge,Somerset), The Pretty Ploughboy, The Hungry Child * (by Judith Piepe),The Whitsuntide Carol * # +(collected from Thomas Coningsby of Whaddon, Cambridgeshire).


* Tracks later re-released in the US as Young Tradition, Vanguard VSD-79246, 1967
# Track released in the UK on Young Tradition Sampler, Transatlantic TRA SAM 13, 1969
+ Track released in the UK on Young Tradition, Demon Records TRANDEM 5, 1989