Battlefield Band, Home Ground

Live from Scotland


LP Temple Records 1989 - TP034


L'album stato registrato in occasione di un tour in Scozia nell'inverno del 1989, grazie allo studio mobile Leapfrog di registrazione del fonico Claude Harper. Il lavoro stato mixato dal "polivalente" Robin Morton e mixato a Londra da Ray Staff. il progetto grafico di David Harrold e le fotografie di Graham Ogilvie (rosse, un po' inquietanti) completano l'opera.


Tracks Side A: 

Skinner's Compliments to Dr MacDonald (JS Skinner)/The Ivory Reel (B McNeill)//Miss Susan Fedderson (B McNeill)/Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh/The Ladies from Hell (J MacMillan)/The Roes Among the Heather/Islay's Charms (Iain C Cameron)/The Banks of the Allan; The Yewe Tree (B McNeill); After Hours (C McGettigan)/Whiskey In the Jar/Green Gates/The Ship in Full Sail; Farewell Johnny Miner (Ed Pigford); The Four Minute Warning: The Tide's Out/James MacLellan's Favourite (Duncan Johnstone)/Dougie's Decision (John Gahagan)/The Ferryman (Donald MacLeod)/Lady Doll Sinclair;


Tracks Side B: 

John MacKenzie's Fancy (J Barrie)/Dr John McInnes' Fancy/The Train Journey North (Tom Anderson); The Rovin' Dies Hard (B McNeill); Fare Thee Well Whisky; Peace and Plenty (B McNeill); Band of a Thousand Chances: Land of a 1000 Dances (Kenner/Domino)/The Dashing White Sergeant/Donald Where's Your Trousers (McLeish/Kennedy)/The Fairy Dance/Let's Twist Again (Appell/Kalmann)/Mrs McLeod of Raasay/With a Little Help from My Friends (Lennon/McCartney)/The Atholl Highlanders



Brian McNeill, Alan Reid, Iain MacDonald, Alistair Russell